Ready for your AGM?

22 October 2018

Did you know your membership doesn’t need to approve your audited financial statements? Fact! If you check your provincial co-op act, you’ll see that co-ops just have to present the statements, which their members receive for information. So don’t delay your annual filings with the Agency until after your AGM. As soon as your board has approved and signed the audited financial statements, send them to your relationship manager. The sooner you get your Annual Information Return, audited statements and board certification to the Agency, the sooner the Agency can return your co-op’s reports about how your co-op is doing. Early filing means you’ll have your Plain-Language Financials and Co-op Data Report to share with your members at the AGM. 

Curious about how your results compare with others? Get your audit done and file early!

Management Type

The trend in co-op management is toward management companies. Volunteer-only co-ops make up half the share of our clients (4%) that they did in 2007. Co-ops with their own employees are down to 30% of Agency clients, while management companies serve 52%. The rest have only a bookkeeper.