Bridget Bayliss

Bridget Bayliss 2021
Director, Information Services

Bridget Bayliss joined the Agency in 2011 as a relationship manager, becoming an  analyst in 2015. In 2020, after a stint as Acting Director, Lending & Default Prevention Services, she was chosen for the role of Director, Information Services. Bridget first became involved in co-operative housing in 1987, moving over the years through positions of increasing responsibility in the sector. Besides her B.A., she has earned housing- and management-related designations from Ryerson University, the Institute for Housing Management and Mortgage Professionals Canada. As a volunteer, Bridget served as an external director for a struggling housing co-operative, participated in project piloting and mentored a young housing professional. A strong and principled person, she is particularly noted for her ability to build consensus.

Vacancy Loss

The number of Agency clients reporting vacancy losses of more than $250 per unit per year has fallen 50% since 2007. While vacancy rates are local, these numbers show good management.