Managing Your Business

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Partners in Your Success
Explore great business resources from the Agency, the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada, CMHC and other sources.

Housing co-operatives are small businesses formed to provide housing for their members. They prosper best when they are fully occupied and members pay their housing charges in full and on time.

A housing co-op is not a complex business, but it takes work to keep it going. As the steward of your business, your board’s job is to see that the business thrives so that members’ homes are not only affordable, but a good place to live.

How-to information and resources can help your co-op succeed, but your board, staff and members will have to do the work yourselves.

Hundreds have done it and so can your co-op. Let’s get started.


Rent Supplements Program Guide for Ontario Co-ops


Ontario Annual Income and Asset Review Form


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2024 Utility Allowances for Alberta


2024 Utility Allowances for British Columbia


2024 Utility Allowances for Ontario



Tip of the Month

No Vacancy Loss

28% of Agency clients lost no money to vacancies last year. Good, if this means members chose to stay in their units. Bad, if new members moved into units that hadn’t been refreshed.