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Making Data-Driven Decisions for Housing Co-ops  

The directors of Canada’s housing co-ops are elected to make the big business decisions for their co-operatives. And good business decisions are based on good information. 

The Agency’s Annual Health Check service is your best source of the information co-ops need to make those decisions. 

Drawn from data collected annually from each co-op and others, the reports included in the Annual Health Check service provide a yearly snapshot of their performance and financial strength. 

The reports present the data in an easy-to-understand format, so that board members and managers can see how their co-op is doing, where to take action, and why. In addition, one of the reports compares each co-op's performance with that of its peers, to provide a different perspective on performance.   

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How It Works  

The reports included in the Annual Health Check are produced using data from your co-op's Annual Information Returns (AIRs), which auditors web-file with the Agency every year.  

After reviewing the Annual Information Return, we use automated tools to produce the reports drawing on our unique methodology honed over the last 20 years. 

Three reports are included with the Annual Health Check service.  

Risk Assessment Report 

This report helps co-ops spot risks that might put their financial health in jeopardy. From flagging inadequate insurance  to warning about directors in arrears, this report can help your co-op identify and reduce enterprise risks that could mean trouble in the future.  

Performance Report 

Looking at a co-op from the inside, you can find it hard to tell how well it’s performing. That’s where the Performance Report comes in. This report compares an individual co-op with its peers across a variety of metrics, including arrears, maintenance spending and energy costs. Overall, the report should leave you in no doubt about where a co-op is doing well, and where it has the potential to improve.  

Plain Language Financials  

The Plain Language Financials presents a co-op’s financial results in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. Above all, these financials are designed so that members can quickly and easily grasp their co-op's financial position. This can make discussing co-op finances much easier at annual meetings, and board meetings too.  

Harnessing Data to Power Non-Profit Housing  

The aggregated data captured through our Annual Health Check service and other Agency services is a valuable resource for checking the pulse of housing co-operatives across the country, achieving superior management based on data and making decisions that will affect the future development of the sector.   

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