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Explore great business resources from the Agency, the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada, CMHC and other sources.

Managing Your Business

Housing co-operatives are small businesses formed to provide housing for their members. They prosper best when they are fully occupied and members pay their housing charges in full and on time.

A housing co-op is not a complex business, but it takes work to keep it going. As the steward of your business, your board’s job is to see that the business thrives so that members’ homes are not only affordable, but a good place to live.

How-to information and resources can help your co-op succeed, but your board, staff and members will have to do the work yourselves.

Hundreds have done it and so can your co-op. Let’s get started.


Project Management Guide

Agency for Co-operative Housing


Agency for Co-operative Housing

CHF Canada On-line Resource Centre

CHF Canada

Marketing and Maintenance Checklist

Agency for Co-operative Housing

Q&A on the Annual Health Check

Agency for Co-operative Housing

CMHC Housing Market Information Portal



Our co-op a business?

A well-run housing co-op is a business where success depends on teamwork. When everyone is doing their part, the board is able to look to the co-op’s future. Staff can get their job done because the board has their back. Best of all, members can enjoy a great community life together.

Find out how your co-op measures up and how to be a better business.

Timely Clients

For 2006, our first year, only 52% of the Agency's co-op clients filed their AIR on time. Now, 86% file on time