Catriona McCallum

Catriona McCallum 2021
Manager, Client Support

Catriona McCallum joined the Agency in 2007 as a senior administrative assistant following a stint in a similar position at Bain Co-operative Apartments. She became a relationship manager in the Ontario / PEI team in 2010, later capitalizing on her financial skills to qualify as an analyst. Catriona was promoted to the position of Manager, Client Service in 2020. In this position she has oversight of the staff who work with clients under the legacy programs in B.C., Alberta, Ontario and PEI. A much-appreciated younger talent at the Agency, Catriona was an early convert to co-operative ideals.

No Vacancy Loss

28% of Agency clients lost no money to vacancies last year. Good, if this means members chose to stay in their units. Bad, if new members moved into units that hadn’t been refreshed.