Francesca Sorace

Francesca Sorace 2021
Manager, Rental Support Programs

Franca acquired her earliest experience of property management in 1997 at the First United Church, where she continued to deliver her services until 2018. Franca then moved to COHO Management Services, a non-profit management company specializing in housing co-op management, where she started working directly with B.C. housing co-operatives. She then joined the Agency in 2006 as a relationship manager at the B.C. Regional Service Centre. In 2014 she expanded her scope by securing a certificate in Community Economic Development from Simon Fraser University. Franca was promoted to the new position of Team Leader, Rental Support Programs, in 2020, becoming Manager, Rental Support Programs in 2021. She is responsible for overseeing the staff who work with co-operatives under CMHC’s Rental Assistance Program and Rent Supplement Program. An experienced supervisor, Franca combines strong financial skills with the ability to work effectively with the government at all three levels.

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Plans in Action

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