Jennifer Brett

Jennifer Brett 2021
Director, Corporate Services

Jennifer Brett joined the Agency in 2009 as a relationship manager, based in Calgary. In 2020, she was promoted to the position of Director, Corporate Services. Jennifer built her pre-Agency career in non-profit and small-business management, often taking on heavy supervisory responsibilities. Over time, she has earned designations from Mount Royal University in various aspects of management and has been working toward one in human resources. As a manager, Jennifer has displayed a remarkable talent for negotiating successfully with challenging individuals. She flourishes in complex and even chaotic situations where multiple priorities all demand her attention. Her strong work ethic, life experience and effective people skills will serve her well in her new role.

Vacancy Loss

The number of Agency clients reporting vacancy losses of more than $250 per unit per year has fallen 50% since 2007. While vacancy rates are local, these numbers show good management.