Olga Tasci

Photo of Olga Tasci
Chief Executive Officer
613-234-4557 ext. 603

Olga Tasci joined the Agency in 2005 as Director, Information Services and Best Practices, helping to set up the fledgling organization. A former member of Abiwin Co-operative and for 10 years the executive director of the Co-operative Housing Association of Eastern Ontario, she was well versed in co-operative housing’s strengths and weaknesses. For over five years she served on the board and as President of Rooftops Canada, the international development organization founded by the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada. Olga assumed the role of Director, Operations in 2010, becoming Chief Executive Officer in 2021. She is currently on the board of the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association and president of Taiga Non-profit Housing Corporation. The Agency counts itself fortunate to have secured a leader so thoroughly knowledgeably about our mission, our clients and the federal programs, old and new, that we administer on Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s behalf.

High-Risk Clients

Clients at High risk make up only 9.9% of the Agency’s portfolio, down from 16.3% in 2008. Proof that struggling co-ops can strengthen their operations.