Community Housing Transformation Centre

20 January 2020

The Community Housing Transformation Centre (The Centre) has officially opened its virtual doors on December 13, 2019 with a mission to work with housing organizations across Canada. The Centre is a one-stop shop for housing expertise, resources and counsel that provides real solutions for housing providers who are facing challenges.

The Transformation Centre came into existence 2018 when a network of organizations that represent the non-profit and co-operative housing sectors in Canada responded to a call for proposals from CMHC as part of the federal government’s National Housing Strategy. These service providers are combining their collective knowledge to drive transformation, sustainability and growth in the affordable housing sector.

Grants for co-ops are available from The Centre’s Sector Transformation Fund and the Community-Based Tenant Initiative. However, the Sector Transformation Fund is where your co-op may want to focus its attention.  There you can draw from a financial stream that will fund your planning studies and strategies. There is an application package for each stream that outlines the details of the program. Your proposed project should be both transformational and sustainable. To apply, use the on-line application portal.

Don’t forget! The Centre has a wide variety of resources and information for co-ops. The Centre has an online repository of resources available to co-ops and housing providers. The database is searchable by keywords, in case you’re casting a net wide or use the drop-down menu to narrow down your results. Resource material is available in English and in French. You can access the resource library here.

If you have an idea that could help change your co-op for the better, don’t wait around. Submit your application to The Housing Transformation Centre as soon as possible. Your co-op’s relationship manager can also provide assistance.

Visit The Centre’s website and subscribe to their newsletter for more funding updates and information.

Plans in Action

The average co-op with an approved capital replacement plan tucks away more than $2,700 per unit in reserves each year--almost double the 2007 amount of $1,165. Future generations of co-op members thank you.