Diversity Scholarships Make a Difference

3 February 2021

No argument—2020 has been a tough year for everyone. However, some of us have used the time to assess and reflect on our future. For you, this could mean continuing with your studies or going back to school after taking a break. If this possibility interests you, 2021 brings good news, provided you live in a co-op that is a member of CHFT—or several other co-op housing federations. What are we hinting at? Scholarships, of course!

You could be eligible for a scholarship if you are going to attend or are already attending a publicly funded Canadian college or university or in an approved apprenticeship program. Successful Diversity Scholarship applicants are active within their communities; this could be at school, their co-op or in a community-based organization where they promote the value of diversity.

In addition to the Diversity Scholarship, a Success Becomes You scholarship assists co-op members who are determined to complete their post-secondary education or qualify for a skilled trade, despite setbacks due to family, financial problems or other circumstances. Many of these scholarships are named after housing co‑op members from the past who are honoured for their valuable contribution to the co‑operative movement.

The CHFT Scholarship Program has also partnered with ten universities and colleges to provide up to $3,000 in additional scholarship funding to Diversity Scholarship recipients at those institutions.

“You won’t believe this – we’ve awarded a whopping two million dollars [since 2004]. That’s just the 390 scholarships awarded by CHFT to recipients in 114 different GTA coops,” said Tom Clement, Executive Director of CHFT, who has been involved with the program since its inception. CHFT, participating co-ops and other funding partners are proud of the contributions they collectively make to education and co‑operative principles.

With these scholarship options out there, what are you waiting for? Scholarships are for $5,000 over four years, with an application deadline of February 17 at 4:00 pm. Be sure to apply as early as possible.

Those in different regions should check out the scholarships offered by these local federations: CHASEO, PHCHF, COCHF, GHCHF, CHFBC,


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