Efficient Comfort: Understanding Heat Pumps

9 January 2024

In the face of climate change, our decisions on heating and cooling have never been more critical. The need for both comfort and energy efficiency in our homes during extreme temperatures has brought an ever-increasing spotlight on heat pump systems. 

But despite all the attention, the details of how heat pump systems work can be a bit technical.

That’s why the Agency has prepared a new information sheet that explains how heat pump systems work and what components make up the system.

At a high level, heat pumps offer a 2-in-1 solution to heating and cooling by taking heat from the outdoor air and pumped indoors during the heating cycle and taking heat out of the indoor air and rejecting it outside during the cooling cycle. 

While heat pumps offer great energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint compared to other heating and cooling methods, there are some potential drawbacks including lower efficiency on extremely cold days.

If your co-op is looking or considering making an upgrade to a heat pump system, check out the new information sheet here to get better informed. 

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