Get Planning with a BCA: A New Guide

17 July 2018

To take care of aging buildings, co-ops need to plan for repairs and replacements. A good place to start is with a Building Condition Assessment (BCA). The Agency’s Technical Services team has developed a plain language guide to help co-ops get started and understand the how to get started, how to make sure your BCA is accurate and how to use the information to plan for your long-term capital repair needs.

The Guide provides an overview of what’s in a BCA and a Reserve Fund Study (RFS) and how they can be used to help plan capital projects and maintain the co-op’s asset. These comprehensive reports are the core supporting documents when a co-op develops an asset management plan.

Stay tuned for a Project Management Guide that will help co-ops understand the role of project management in successful major capital upgrades and replacements.

Management Trend

More co-ops are moving to management companies. Just 28% of Agency clients have their own managers, while management companies serve 56%.