Improved Model Management Services Agreement

17 July 2018

The Agency has updated its Model Management Services Agreement and developed it as a fillable PDF document, greatly simplifying the steps to prepare a contract. Changes to the contract reflect the feedback we received through an extensive consultation with sector organizations and management companies. For a good overview of the agreement and its benefits to co-ops, the Agency has also produced a plain language Q&A, answering any questions co-ops may have. Management companies listed on the Agency’s Vendor of Record (VOR) list have committed to using this new model agreement with their clients. Stay tuned for a webinar on the model agreement in the fall!

For more information, please contact your Relationship Manager or drop us a line at

Management Type

The trend in co-op management is toward management companies. Volunteer-only co-ops make up half the share of our clients (4%) that they did in 2007. Co-ops with their own employees are down to 30% of Agency clients, while management companies serve 52%. The rest have only a bookkeeper.