New Good Practices Video on Filing Your AIR

2 May 2023

Every year, Agency clients ask their auditor to web-file their Annual Information Return (AIR) to fulfill their annual filing obligation under their CMHC agreement four months after the end of their fiscal year. The annual filing also includes your co-op’s audited financial statements, signed board certification, as well as any rent-supplement or rental-assistance reconciliations.

Filing on time is important. To help explain some of the benefits that come from filing on time, we’ve created a new Good Practices video

Check it out:

Please note that this video is in English with the option to add French subtitles.

Special thanks to Granville Gardens Housing Co-operative, D.J. Reznick & Associates Ltd., Marsh & March Inc., Charted Professional Accountants, and Prentice Yates & Clark, Chartered Professional Accountants for their contributions!

Client Compliance

In 2008, 70% of Agency clients met every term of their CMHC operating agreement. Now 80% do. And compliance failures, great and small, are also fewer.