A New HomeRun for Co-ops

4 July 2024

Do you ever wonder how your co-op is really doing? You know your buildings, your books and your members better than anyone, but getting a bigger picture through comparison can be an incredibly powerful tool. 

That’s why we built a website we called HomeRun for Agency clients. It uses data collected from co-ops’ web-filed Annual Information Returns (AIRs) and displays it so you can see how your co-op compares to others across a full range of performance measures.  

This tool has been helping Agency clients understand their data better for years, but it had been developed as a pilot project. So, it was time  to refresh it to be both faster and easier to use.  

With HomeRun, you can see exactly how your co-op compares to other housing co-operatives of a comparable size and location. You can also filter the data to compare yourself with co-ops in your province or city, or those across the Agency’s national portfolio.  

HomeRun compares data from metrics in these operational categories: Asset Management, Environmental Sustainability, Financial Viability, Governance, and Social Inclusion. These metrics include ones like maintenance spending , insurance costs, vacancy loss, and many others. When doing a Self-Assessment, HomeRun can be referenced to provide a more data-driven picture of how your co-op is doing. 

You can see what metrics you can compare using our public Sample Dashboard, which also gives you a sense of what the tool looks like and how you can use it.   

Plus, the website includes a section on Good Practices. These are case studies and videos that tell a story of how a co-op tackled a performance weakness , and then came out stronger in the end.  

We hope HomeRun will give your co-op some things to consider on where it’s doing great and where there is room to grow.  

Ready to get started? Use your Agency login credentials or contact  your co-op’s Relationship Manager or Rental Assistance Officer to get them.  

Tip of the Month

Capital Reserve Balance

61% of Agency clients hold a capital reserve balance of at least $6,000 per unit. By almost doubling the amount from 2007, co-ops are nearly twice as ready to meet their future needs.