The Open Road: The Agency’s 2022 Annual Report

14 July 2023

The Agency saw 2021 as a bridge year of transition from one reality to another. Once we’d made the crossing, 2022 looked like The Open Road to us.

The road ahead is full of possibilities.

In 2022, we began to work with co-ops that had been shut out from the Rental Assistance Program because their operating agreements ended early. Almost all accepted CMHC’s invitation to join the program, ensuring that they remain mixed-income communities with rent-geared-to-income assistance for their low-income families.

Another highlight is the launch of two online tools that will help our clients develop the Action Plans required under the Rental Assistance Program. One being a tool for co-ops to self-assess where they’re at and the other to formulate goals that will comprise the Action Plan.

Our Annual Report tells you about our record as a Client Smart organization along with our efforts to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

We also share where our annual client service report card, noting how well we achieved our published client-service standards. Our 2022 annual report includes some great photos of your co-ops; maybe yours is one of them!

Tip of the Month

Management Trend

The trend to hire management companies continues. 58% of co-ops hire management companies, compared to 28% that employ independent staff as their managers.