Our Newest Leaders

25 March 2021

We are delighted to announce a few new leaders at the Agency for Co-operative Housing. They may be new leaders, but they are the same friendly faces you have come to know. With Olga Tasci moving into the role of Chief Executive Officer, her previous position of Director, Operations was vacant. Luckily, we didn’t have far to look for co-op housing expertise. Donna Charbonneau has agreed to undertake this important responsibility.

Many of you know Donna from her long history in the co-op housing sector. Now an Honorary Lifetime Associate of CHF Canada and an Honorary Director of CHFT, she started her career managing co‑operatives and serving on the boards of both the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto and the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada. She joined the Agency in 2006 as a relationship manager, moving into the position of Manager, Operations ON/PEI in 2016. Donna has demonstrated exceptional ability as an administrator and manager in overseeing her team’s work with the Agency’s client co-ops.

As Donna settles into her new position, we must say goodbye to our other Manager, Operations, Joanne Mick, who will retire on April 30. Joanne has deep roots in the co-operative housing sector in her home base of Calgary and further afield. She has confidently led the western team of relationship managers since joining the Agency in 2006. Joanne will continue her involvement as a member and director of her co‑op, Sarcee Meadows Housing Co-operative. We will miss her dynamic presence and infectious laughter.

Donna and Joanne served together on the CHF Canada board throughout much of the ten-year campaign to win CMHC’s support for the Agency. In their parallel roles, both managers have exemplified the spirit of the Agency idea first proposed to the federal government twenty-five years ago.

Catriona McCallum will shortly take up the renamed position of Manager, Client Support (formerly Manager, Operations), overseeing staff who work with the remaining clients that still have operating agreements. Catriona started with the Agency in 2007, moving into the role of relationship manager in 2010. Over time, she has proved herself to be a natural leader who has earned the respect of her colleagues for her talents and hard work. She is committed to the Agency, our mission and the success of our clients.

As Donna assumes her new position, Catriona will begin to lead our Eastern team of relationship managers starting April 1. Following Joanne Mick’s retirement on April 30, she will assume responsibility for the Western relationship managers, as well.

Warm congratulations to all those in a new role. We have every confidence that you’ll shine!  


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Tip of the Month

Arrears Cost

Half the Agency's clients have member arrears and bad debts below $44 a unit, and half above. In 2007, the midpoint was $86. Great news in a challenging year.