Putting It into Practice: Living Sustainably

7 March 2019

If we each make changes to our daily routines, we can collectively move towards a sustainable lifestyle. Simple adjustments like composting food scraps, taking a reusable cup with you for your daily coffee-on-the-run or planting a garden to grow your own herbs and tomatoes will reduce your carbon footprint.

Wyndham Hill Co-op did just that through the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada’s Greener Microgrant program. The funds were used to create a community garden where members could grow their own vegetables. They harvested tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, peas, eggplant, lettuce, onions and berries. The co-op went even further in planning for their future by planting fruit trees. Soon they will enjoy three different apple varieties from their own property. It is empowering to know where your food comes from, and everything tastes better when your own efforts went into producing it. Children also gain a whole new appreciation for vegetables!

Pacific Heights Co-op wanted to see members get more use out of their bicycles and found a way to help them to do so. With that goal in mind, the co-op used a microgrant to convert an unused underground parking spot into bicycle parking, complete with two floor pumps that are sure to come in handy. The converted space boasts six vertical high-density racks for lighter bikes and a horizontal rack with six spots for heavier bikes. This new feature benefits the environment, improves members’ wellbeing and makes the co-op a more attractive place to live.   

Emanuel Housing Co-op has enhanced its air quality and curb appeal by replacing dead and dying ash trees. Emerald Ash Borer had infested the trees, which were becoming an eyesore and putting co‑op members and buildings at risk from falling branches. In their place, the co-op planted tulip trees and bur oak, a long-lived species that will beautify the property for many years.

Feel inspired? Planning a sustainability project? Let us know what you’re up to! You can connect with us through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. We’re here to help.

Click here to apply for CHF’s Greener Microgrant. The deadline is March 29, 2019.

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