Refreshing our Agency Reports

4 June 2019

The Agency is currently working on refreshing our four key reports for co-ops: the Risk Report, Compliance Report, Plain Language Financials, and the newly renamed Performance Report (previously known as the Co-op Data Report). Our goal was to make each report more accessible and engaging. We have incorporated more colour and graphics, and simplified the text and format. Together the reports work well as a package, but can still stand alone. We hope this will help encourage more sharing with co-op memberships.

Our plan is to have the new reports in circulation later this year. Stay tuned!

“Design is intelligence made visible.” (Alina Wheeler, author)

Vacancy Costs

The average co-op loses $132 a unit a year to empty units, down from $177 in 2007. Some of this loss is by choice, because units are being refreshed for new members.