Renovations Photo Contest – Enter for a Chance to Win

28 October 2019

Has your co-op recently undergone a renovation? No matter how big or small, if you have a story to tell, we want to see it. You’ve all heard this one before—a picture is worth a thousand words… Well, in this case, the right picture is worth a $100 Home Depot gift card!

We know that our clients have been working hard to upgrade their buildings, improve accessibility and undertake energy- and cost-saving measures. With that in mind, we will be hosting a photo contest through the month of October and November. There will be three categories, and each category has a chance to win. And, if that isn’t enough, each category’s runner-up winner will get a $50 Home Depot gift card. Here are the details…


This year the Agency joined Facebook in order to connect with as many co-op members as possible. So, to enter the contest, all you have to do is this:

  1. Have three people from your co-op start to follow us on Facebook.
  2. Submit your contest photo.
  3. Fill out the information in the submission form below. (Don’t worry. We don’t need a lot of detail.)


We recognize that each co-op may be at a different stage in its capital work. To ensure that the contest is as fair as possible, we have decided to go with three categories. In each one, we’ll be asking you for some basic information to accompany the photo so we know what we’re looking at. The submission form will provide you with all the guidance you need.

  1. Before and After: This one really calls for two photographs, which we kind of love. The more the better! You can include an in-progress shot and an after-shot if you forgot to get the before picture. We want to see your co-op transformed.
  2. Work in Progress: This category is for any co-op still knee deep in construction. Do you have amazing contractors on site? Or are your volunteers out in full force? Grab your camera, snap a pic and share your messy reality.
  3. Best Story: We all know that renovations can be crazy and we want to know what the experience was like for you. Try to find that one picture that sums it up—good or bad (but good, we hope). This category will require you to write a little bit, but not a lot. We will be looking for four or five lines to tell the story that goes with the picture.

Important Stuff

We will want to post the winning photos, so we need to know that anyone in your picture has given you their permission to share it with us and the rest of the world.

The deadline for submissions is 30 November 2019. We’ll announce the winners in December!

As promised, here is the Submission Form. Please send the completed form and your pictures to

Tip of the Month

Co-ops without Paid Managers

Since 2007, the percentage of co-ops without paid help is down by more than half to a mere 2% of Agency clients. Another 12% just have a lonely bookkeeper.