Test Cases for Radon

7 November 2018

The Agency and the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada recently conducted a pilot project on radon gas. We tested for the presence of radon in three different housing co‑ops in different regions. Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally through the decay of uranium in rock, soil and water in many regions of Canada. This gas can seep into buildings and become concentrated in poorly ventilated areas, such as basements. Breathing it can be dangerous to lung tissue and increase the possibility of associated health problems. Housing co-ops are not immune, so what can they do to make sure their members are safe?

Click here to read the findings from West Heritage Manor Co-op, Friendship Housing Co-op and Native Inter-tribal Housing Co-op.

Capital Plans

Which Agency clients contribute 40% more to their capital reserves? The 29% with approved capital reserve plans. Could these clients know something the others don't?