Welcoming New Co-ops to the Rental Assistance Program

5 August 2022

This month, the Agency is excited to welcome a new batch of co-op clients to the Rental Assistance Program (FCHI-2).

After the federal government’s announcement of $118.2 million in new funding earlier this year, co-ops with operating agreements that expired before April 2016 were able to sign on to receive rental assistance.

Over the coming weeks, these new co-ops will meet their Rental Assistance Officer and learn about the Agency’s online modules that help co-ops manage the program. They will also be introduced to our new tools like the recently launched Online Rental Assistance Calculator, as well as the Online Action Plan / Self-Assessment that helps them plan for the future.

Some brand-new Agency clients will also learn about the Agency’s annual reports about their performance and how to file an Annual Information Return.

The Agency is thrilled to have more co-ops take advantage of federal government funding to help keep housing charges affordable for their low-income members.

Please visit the Program Overview and Resources pages for more information on the Rental Assistance Program.

Directors in Arrears

8% of Agency clients have board members in arrears. Good work, especially in a COVID year. In 2007,  28% reported director arrears.