Welcoming New Co-ops to the Rental Assistance Program

5 August 2022

This month, the Agency is excited to welcome a new batch of co-op clients to the Rental Assistance Program (FCHI-2).

After the federal government’s announcement of $118.2 million in new funding earlier this year, co-ops with operating agreements that expired before April 2016 were able to sign on to receive rental assistance.

Over the coming weeks, these new co-ops will meet their Rental Assistance Officer and learn about the Agency’s online modules that help co-ops manage the program. They will also be introduced to our new tools like the recently launched Online Rental Assistance Calculator, as well as the Online Action Plan / Self-Assessment that helps them plan for the future.

Some brand-new Agency clients will also learn about the Agency’s annual reports about their performance and how to file an Annual Information Return.

The Agency is thrilled to have more co-ops take advantage of federal government funding to help keep housing charges affordable for their low-income members.

Please visit the Program Overview and Resources pages for more information on the Rental Assistance Program.

Capital Plans and Contributions

Comparing 2007 and 2020, we saw the median annual contributions per unit almost triple ($1,026 per unit to $3,052).