Your Co-op’s Heating and Ventilation System

17 July 2018

Heating and ventilation are important in residential buildings, especially to co-ops with mid- to high-rise multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs). The mechanical-system equipment within a MURB plays a significant role in the building’s energy efficiency, resident comfort and utility costs.

One of the most important pieces of heating and ventilation equipment for mid- to high-rise MURBs is a make-up air system or make-up air unit (MUA). Housing Services Corporation (HSC) has produced a make-up air unit article that provides insight into the function of a MUA, when to replace an MUA and what energy-efficient features to consider when installing a MUA.

Click here for more information about make-up air units, how they work, and answers to common questions.

Plans in Action

The average co-op with an approved capital plan is setting aside more than $2,800 per unit in reserves each year--more than double the 2007 amount of $1,186. We're so impressed that we're speechless!