Quick Facts

Good Vacancy Loss

Some vacancy loss is by choice, because units are being refreshed for new members. So only a loss in name. Actually an investment.

Co-ops without Paid Managers

Since 2007, the percentage of co-ops without paid help has fallen by more than half to a mere 3% of Agency clients.  Another 12% just have a lonely bookkeeper.

Vacancy Loss

At last count, Agency clients together lost $3.2 million to vacancies. That's down 47% from 2008.The improvement speaks for itself.

Vacancy Costs

Half of Agency clients have an annual vacancy loss below $33 a unit. The lowest ever!

Risk Trend

89% of Agency clients have a Strengthening or Stable risk trend. Solid management? Better governance?

Plans in Action

The average co-op with an approved capital replacement plan tucks away more than $2,700 per unit in reserves each year--almost double the 2007 amount of $1,165. Future generations of co-op members thank you.

No Vacancy Loss

31% of Agency clients lost no money to vacancies last year.

Management Trend

More co-ops are moving to management companies. Just 28% of Agency clients have their own managers, while management companies serve 56%.

High-Risk Clients

Clients at High risk make up 11% of the Agency’s portfolio, down from 15% in 2007. Recovery may come slowly, but it's real.

Falling Risk

Since the Agency started, the percentage of co-ops with a Low risk rating has almost quadrupled. Co-ops are paying attention to their risks.

Directors in Arrears

10% of Agency clients have board members in arrears. Too high, but well down from 28% in 2007. More boards are leading by example.

Client Compliance

In 2008, 70% of Agency clients met every term of their CMHC operating agreement. Now 83% do. Monitoring gets results.

Capital Reserve Balance

45% of Agency clients hold a capital reserve balance of at least $6,000 per unit. Almost double the rate in 2007.

Capital Plans and Contributions

Question: Which Agency clients are best at planning for their future? 

Answer: The 26% with approved capital reserve plans. These co-ops contribute 68% more to their capital reserve than those without a plan.

Arrears Cost

Half the Agency's clients have member arrears and bad debts below $43 a unit, and half above. In 2007, the midpoint was $83. Great work, boards and managers! Members too!