Quick Facts

Clients and Units

On 1 January 2018, the Agency had 525 client co-ops with 30,820 units of housing.

Agency Clients

On 1 January 2018, the Agency had 11 clients in PEI, 261 in Ontario, 50 in Alberta and 203 in B.C. 

Vacancy Loss

At last count, Agency clients together lost $3.6 million to vacancies. Too much, but down 2% from a year earlier.

Vacancy Costs

The average co-op loses $132 a unit a year to empty units, down from $177 in 2007. Some of this loss is by choice, because units are being refreshed for new members.

Timely Clients

Only 52% of the Agency's co-op clients filed their 2006 AIR on time. Now, 79% file on time. 

Risk Trend

The risk trend of 88% of Agency clients is either Strengthening or Stable. Great work, co-operators!

Plans in Action

The average co-op with an approved capital plan is setting aside more than $2,800 per unit in reserves each year--more than double the 2007 amount of $1,186. We're so impressed that we're speechless!

No Vacancy Loss

One quarter of Agency clients have no vacancy loss at all.

Management Type

The trend in co-op management is toward management companies. Volunteer-only co-ops make up half the share of our clients (4%) that they did in 2007. Co-ops with their own employees are down to 30% of Agency clients, while management companies serve 52%. The rest have only a bookkeeper.

Infectious Arrears

In co-ops where board members are behind on their housing charges, the amount all members owe is three times higher than in co-ops where board members pay on time. Something in the water?

High-Risk Clients

The percentage of Agency clients rated High or Above-Average risk has fallen by one quarter since 2007.

Falling Risk

Since the Agency started, the number of co-ops risk rated Low has more than quadrupled. And counting…

Directors in Arrears

Co-ops with board members in arrears are down to 64 from 140 in 2007. Still too many, but much better!

Client Compliance

In 2008, 70% of Agency clients met every term of their CMHC operating agreement. That's risen to 85%. Better grasp of the rules or better-run co-ops? Why not both?

Capital Reserve Contribution

Half of Agency clients have more than doubled their contributions to their capital-replacement-reserves since 2007. For 38%, per-unit contributions are up by more than $1,000 a year.