Working With the Agency’s Data

14 April 2022

Are you a researcher or organization interested in data on housing co-operatives in Canada? If so, we have news for you! 

Since the Agency’s early days in 2006, we have believed in the power of being a data-driven organization. To that end, we developed a robust information system to collect, store and analyze information from over five hundred co-op housing clients.  Every year, each client auditor web-files an annual information return with financial information and more. 

CHAIS contains 16 years of data on co-operative housing operations, finances and performance, and we believe it can be an invaluable tool for housing researchers and sector organizations alike. 

With part of CMHC’s National Housing Strategy focusing on innovation and research, we believe these data should be used to strengthen and support future housing co-operatives and the housing sector. 

Interested in learning more? See how you can use CHAIS data on our new Our Data page.  

Please note: the Agency respects the confidentiality of the information we hold about others. Please review our Confidentiality and Access to Information Policy to understand the limits on our ability to share data.    

Capital Plans and Contributions

Comparing 2007 and 2020, we saw the median annual contributions per unit almost triple ($1,026 per unit to $3,052).