Our Data

In 1998 the proposal for a co-op housing agency promised that we would be a data-driven organization. To accomplish this, in 2006 we launched the Co-operative Housing Agency Information System (CHAIS), using state-of-the-art technology to store and analyze information from our clients.   

As a repository for 16 years of data on co-operative housing operations, finances and performance, CHAIS can be an invaluable tool for housing researchers and sector organizations. With part of CMHC’s National Housing Strategy focusing on innovation and research, we believe these data should be used to strengthen and support future housing co-operatives and the housing sector.  

 Data Highlights  

The Agency collects a yearly restatement of annual audited financial statements and operational information from each Agency client, which allow for trend analysis on such performance measures as arrears and bad debts, vacancy loss, spending on maintenance, replacement reserves and capital repairs (in dollars, along with broad categories of capital repairs). These data can be divided and combined in multiple ways, including by province, municipality and management model. 

Data from the Rent Supplement Program in Ontario and PEI include numbers on program distribution, dollars allocated and used and household types and will soon be available for CMHC’s recent Rental Assistance Program FHCI-2.  

Confidentiality and the Agency’s Access to Information Policy  

The Agency respects the confidentiality of the information we hold about others. Please review our Confidentiality and Access to Information Policy to understand the limits on our ability to share data.    

Contact Us  

If you would like to access our data or discuss a potential project, please get in touch with us via our Information Request or Feedback page.   

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Tip of the Month

Arrears Cost

Half the Agency's clients have member arrears and bad debts below $44 a unit, and half above. In 2007, the midpoint was $86. Great news in a challenging year.