Our Mandate, Mission, Vision and Values

Two Agency co-workers having a conversation about a document

Our Mandate

The mandate of the Agency is to assist the federal government in

  • ensuring that public funds committed for co-operative housing programs are used as intended and are properly accounted for
  • safeguarding the public’s investment in co-operative housing.

The Agency operates within an agreed accountability framework that gives it authority to perform its duties efficiently, while protecting the public interest.

Our Mission

The Agency administers co-operative housing programs, deploying risk-based strategies, superior information management and client-centred service to safeguard the public’s investment and help our government and co-operative partners attain their goals.

Our Vision

The Agency aspires to be a superlative administrator of co-operative housing programs, recognized for its leadership by governments across Canada and valued by housing co-operatives as a partner in their success.

Our Values

We hold to these values, which govern our conduct with the general public, our government and co-operative partners, and our employees and other stakeholders.

  • Respect

We esteem our clients and at all times treat them fairly and with consideration.

  • Transparency

We promote the open and honest sharing of knowledge and information, while guarding the privacy of individuals.

  • Trust

We earn the confidence of our co-operative and government partners through exceptional service and consistent performance.

  • Excellence

​​​​​​​We pursue superior results and continuous improvement. Success, for us, is getting the right things done as well as possible.

  • Innovation

​​​​​​​We challenge ourselves constantly to find fresh approaches that will lead to ever-better outcomes for our partners.

  • Co-operation

​​​​​​​We work in concert with our stakeholders to achieve separate but complementary goals.

  • Accountability

​​​​​​​We answer to our government and movement partners for the results we achieve as responsible stewards of the programs entrusted to us.

  • Sustainability

​​​​​​​We look to the future, honouring the environment, strengthening our operations and helping our clients conserve their properties for generations to come.

Infectious Arrears

In co-ops where board members are behind on their housing charges, the amount all members owe is almost four times higher than in co-ops where board members pay on time. This number speaks for itself.