Exterior of Charleston Terrace housing co-operative
Partners in Your Success
Advice from many sources can help you care for your property. Even if your co-op looks in ship shape, you can always learn something new.

Caring for Your Buildings

Housing co-operatives have just one valuable asset: their property. So it makes sense to take care of it.

A well-kept housing co‑operative has prouder, happier members who love their homes. It’s a place where other people want to live. And one that will serve generations to come, far into the future.

The catch is that maintaining your property takes planning, follow-through and money. Check out these resources on building maintenance, capital planning, curb appeal and more. This is your gateway to becoming a co‑op that you can’t help bragging about.



Agency for Co-operative Housing

CHF Canada On-line Resource Centre

CHF Canada

Guide to Building Condition Assessments and Reserve Fund Studies

Agency for Co-operative Housing

Project Management Guide

Agency for Co-operative Housing

Regional Energy Coaches Pilot Program

Federation of Canadian Municipalities

CMHC Co-Investment Fund Information Sheet

Agency for Co-operative Housing


Better Buildings

Co-op members deserve a well-kept, attractive building that will last. Perhaps your co-op is underspending on the property. Or  spending too much on the wrong things.

Find out how you’re performing, compared with others. Don’t leave your co-op stranded at third base.

Plans in Action

The average co-op with an approved capital replacement plan tucks away more than $3,600 per unit in reserves each year--triple the 2007 amount. Does their future hold better windows? New kitchens? Savings mean more choices.