Protecting the Environment

Exterior of Bain Apartments housing co-operative showing a garden and a play structure
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Waste is expensive and bad for the planet. Make choices that will sustain the natural world and your co-op’s future.

This world is the only one we have. Investing in sustainability will save your co-op money and protect future generations too.

Check out ideas from the Agency, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada and others that will help reduce your co-op’s footprint. Investments that pay returns to the environment could also pay returns to your co-op.


Sustainable Affordable Housing Resources

Model Environmental Sustainability Policy


Green Building Products and Materials


Information Sheet: Heat Pumps


Regional Energy Coaches Pilot Program


FCM - Sustainable Affordable Housing Fund Information Sheet



Tip of the Month

Client Compliance

In 2008, 70% of Agency clients met every term of their CMHC operating agreement. Now 80% do. And compliance failures, great and small, are also fewer.