Save Water

Sounds simple, but if every member uses less water, you can shrink your co-operative’s water bill, leaving more money for other priorities. Water rates may rise in future; now is the time to take action.


There are many ways to reduce water use, starting with prompt attention to leaks and drips. Low-flow showerheads are cheap and easily installed. Tap aerators cut water use and are widely available.

In some cases, replacing old appliances and fixtures is the most economical approach in the long run. New washing machines use less water. Today’s water-saving toilets work much better than the pioneering versions did.

According to the federal government, Canada remains one of the largest users of water, per person, in the world. While no one is asking co-op members to give up their showers, we can do better, co-op by co-op, person by person, remembering that water is a precious commodity.

Capital Reserve Contribution

Capital replacement-reserve contributions have increased since 2007 for 81% of the Agency's co-op clients. They have more than doubled per-unit for 51% of clients. For 38%, they're up per unit by more than $1,000.