Funding Programs


The major federal co-operative housing programs differ in detail, but have a similar purpose:

  • to provide modest, affordable housing that meets the needs of low- and moderate-income Canadians
  • to encourage families and individuals of different incomes and backgrounds to come together in the same community
  • to promote security of tenure for households unable to buy their own homes

Some co-operatives still use the older names for their programs: 34.18 for Section 61 and 56.1 for Section 95. The Federal Co‑operative Housing Program (FCHP) is the official name for what many co-operatives call the Index-Linked Mortgage (ILM) Program.

Detailed information about program operating agreements, in plain language, is available at Your Operating Agreement. Short descriptions follow.

Section 61 Program (1973–1978)

Section 95 Program (1979–1985)

Index-Linked Mortgage (ILM) / Federal Co-operative Housing Program (1985–1991)

Deep-Need Programs (1982-1989)

Plans in Action

The average co-op with an approved capital plan is setting aside more than $2,800 per unit in reserves each year--more than double the 2007 amount of $1,186. We're so impressed that we're speechless!