CMHC Rent Supplement Program

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Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Rent Supplement Program Objectives

  • To help households in need by setting a limit on the percentage of their incomes used to pay rent in Ontario and Prince Edward Island. The program funds the difference between the occupancy charge and the geared-to-income charge for qualified households.

Program Features

  • Unilateral federal program for Ontario and Prince Edward Island
  • Available to housing co-operatives developed under the Section 27/61 Program and the Federal Co-operative Housing (ILM) Program, beginning on 1 June 2017
  • For households receiving social assistance, a social-assistance rent scale used to set assisted housing charges, plus or minus a charge for services
  • For households not in receipt of social assistance, 30 % of household income charged for housing, plus or minus a charge for services
  • Assistance received by 15 to 50 % of households per co-op, according to the  program requirements in each co-operative’s operating agreement
  • Incomes verified annually
  • Damage claims paid where assisted households damaged the unit beyond normal wear and tear (ILM program only)
  • Assistance paid on vacant units for one half to two months

CMHC Authority under Operating Agreement

  • Requirement for co-ops to select assisted households through a formal and consistent procedure
  • Requirement to observe human-rights laws and codes and protect residents’ privacy
  • Requirement to give assisted households the same privileges as other co‑op members
  • Requirement that co-ops approve and follow a policy on overhousing
  • Requirement that residents be able to live independently
  • Requirement to document and verify income and composition of assisted households and to calculate the appropriate assisted charge annually and on any change to household income or composition
  • Completion of an annual on-line claim reconciling assistance received from CMHC and assistance distributed to qualified households within two months of the fiscal year end
  • Requirement to avoid real or potential conflicts of interest and, if one occurs, act promptly to cure it
  • Requirement to manage and maintain the property adequately
  • Right to inspect co-op’s books, records, accounts, income verification and rent-supplement calculations, which must be kept for seven years

Accountability Framework

  • Rent Supplement Agreement
  • Annual audited financial statement and information return
  • Annual on-line report on assistance claimed and received

Rent Supplements Program Guide for Ontario Co-ops


Ontario Annual Income and Asset Review Form


Guide to Online Rent Supplement Claims


ILM Damage Claim Form


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